9 to 27 september 2019
Parc Jadot, Ixelles
sunday 15 september, 2pm – 5pm

Zonder Zonde (= Without Sin) from Lien Van Deuren (Hartwerp) and SOS Social from Ellen Vlogaert (Surtout) are both furniture collections that are designed to be used in public space and focus on the behavior of users in that space and the social interaction that may or may not arise between them.

During their expo at Design September 2019, the designers give the public the opportunity to not only come to see furniture from these collections at the Parc Jadot in Ixelles, but also to come and feel and try it out and thus experience for themselves how the furniture evokes a game of interaction and contact between users.

S.O.S Social

S.0.S Social is Ellen Vlogaert’s (Surtout) collection of city benches that are designed in such a way that social interaction between users is almost inevitable. The collection was the result of a study that showed that social interaction in a public space is crucial for the liveability of the city and that seats are indispensable for a lively public space. S.O.S Social combines both principles. This Confident bench f.e. is based on the living room furniture of the same name from the time of Napoleon. The name refers to the discrete conversation that arises between two people when they use the furniture. In a this modern, public version the Confident lends itself perfectly to a pleasant conversation between fellow citizens. Thanks to the set-up there is direct contact, but at the same time there is enough distance.

powder coated, perforated steel

Zonder zonde (‘without sin’) is a series of eight pieces of public space furniture, of which three are currently made of steel. The purpose of this series is to stimulate intimacy between the people who use it.

Four pieces are inspired by the senses (smell, hear, see and feel) and create psychological intimacy. The other four are inspired by positions from the Kama Sutra. These last ones require – without a doubt – some agility.

‘zonder zonde’, by designer Lien Van Deuren, working under the name Hartwerp, was selected for Dutch Design Week 2018, Milan Design Week 2019, Design September 2019 and made it to the shortlist of the Flemish Bachelorprice 2018.

powder coated steel 6mm
2018 – 2019